Real Estate

October 25, 2020
When rates are low, it can seem like the ideal time to refinance your mortgage. After all, who doesnt like a lower interest rate? There are lots of good reasons to refinance your mortgage, such as adding on or trying to streamline your expenses, but whats really involved in the process?Mortgage Refi [Read More]
May 6, 2016
Manufactured Homes and FHAFHA does not insure manufactured homes that have been moved from one site to another. I've found confusion among some agent and even a lender or two where they have misinterpreted the HUD requirement and think that it is OK as long as a manufactured home dealer is moving th [Read More]
March 14, 2013
Many Spring Hill Florida homeowners that are struggling to keep their homes are looking for answers on loan modifications. I talk to many home owners that are late on their payments and try to get the bank to give them a loan modification. What they do not understand is that they do not qualify g [Read More]
January 31, 2011
Yes, Its that time of year again for the annual Southeast Area rally of the Family Motor Coach Association. You will start to see RVs everywhere invading Hernando County as the rally begins Wednesday, February 2nd thru Sunday, February 6th at the Hernando County Airport on US 41 South of Brooksville [Read More]